Your Health is vey important for us! COVID-19

With safety at Hotel Castel*****
Information and tips for your carefree stay (COVID-19)

In the following, we have summarized all the information about your stay with regard to COVID-19 and structured it as follows:

  • Travel information
  • Our adapted cancellation policy
  • Our measures for your safety in the hotel

Via our hotline we are available to you personally to answer questions, requests, uncertainties,... Please call us (+39 0473 923 693 - daily from 9 to 19 o'clock) oder or send us an e-mail to 

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

The Dobitsch family & the Castel team

Travel information
From 16 June 2020, travel is possible without restrictions within all EU countries and Switzerland. There will also no longer be generalized travel warnings for these areas.
Our adapted cancellation policy

Out of confidence and appreciation for our guests, we have added the following paragraph to our cancellation policy:

Cancellations, rebookings and early departures are possible at any time and without notice free of charge, should the safe situation of South Tyrol change and the Corona virus (Covid-19) in our region pose a real threat. In other words, if the whole of Italy, the province of South Tyrol, our district of Merano or even Dorf Tirol should be officially declared a danger area or if there is a danger that it will no longer be possible to arrive and depart freely. You will receive a voucher in the corresponding amount for payments made on account, which you can use to offset your next stay. Otherwise our standard reservation conditions apply.

Our measures for your safety

The safety, health and well-being of our valued guests and our valuable employees are our highest priority. Legal requirements, which are gradually being relaxed, give us a corresponding basic framework, which we partly exceed according to our high standard. Everything is done with the aim of providing maximum safety and to implement everything perfectly and discreetly, so that the highest comfort and the best possible relaxation for our guests is guaranteed.

Small hotel, fewer guests, spacious rooms - a big advantage

  • There is no obligation to wear a mask, as long as the minimum distance of 1 meter to non-family members is observed. This is very easy due to the generous space available in the Castel.
  • The advantage is reinforced by the fact that we are opening the hotel this year for fewer guests and are only operating it with reduced occupancy of our 25 rooms and 20 suites.
  • In our Á la carte hotel restaurant we have positioned the tables at a minimum distance. Distance also means even more privacy for you.
  • All public indoor areas offer plenty of space for our guests. Here too, all distances have been adjusted.
  • We have repositioned the loungers by the outdoor pool, the indoor pool and the SPA so that you have even more privacy in addition to the safety distance.

Personal service by hosts and their well-rehearsed team

  • As a guest, you can be sure that the Dobitsch host family will personally take care of your needs.
  • This year, they are almost exclusively supported by longstanding and experienced Castel employees.
  • The team will implement the new requirements in the best possible way.
  • All employees have been specially trained for their area of responsibility by our experienced medical officer.

Disinfection, cleanliness and health control

  • All employees are tested for Covid-19 every two weeks.
  • Before each start of work, a fever is measured daily for all employees.
  • On arrival, each guest receives his or her personal bottle of hand disinfectant - especially when travelling.
  • There are contactless disinfectant dispensers for hand disinfection at all important places throughout the hotel.
  • Through disinfection of your hotel room before your arrival, with a harmless active substance.
  • The comprehensive, daily basic cleaning and disinfection are of a high standard at Castel.
  • In the restaurant, in the buffet areas and in the bar, the air is permanently disinfected with a modern and for humans harmless system active ingredient from Swiss Hygiene Technologies. Further information is available at
  • All employees wear gloves and protective masks according to their job.
  • After cleaning, glasses, plates and cutlery are only touched and covered with gloves.
  • All hotel linen remains in the hotel and is washed thoroughly and at high temperatures by our experienced team.

Special services in Covid-19 times

  • You can also find a large selection of daily newspapers and magazines free of charge and contactless in our online newspaper kiosk.
  • Guests receive their personal copy of the menu and other important information every day.
  • Contactless check-in is possible before arrival. An online checkout is also possible.