Gerhard Wieser in action
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Gerhard Wieser and his team
Alpine-Mediterranean cuisine
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The kitchen at the Castel is Wieser's domain
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"Toffee" from Pâtissier Thomas Kostner
The Michelin two-Star chef in Trenkerstube

One chef de cuisine, two restaurants.
One philosophy, two stars

The culinary philosophy of Hotel Castel originates from the art of our chef Gerhard Wieser. A Michelin two-star chef, he has been with us at the hotel since 1992; in addition, he has been the creator of unique culinary delights at our gourmet restaurant Trenkerstube since it first opened in 2001. There, as well as at the Castel Restaurant and at all other culinary occasions at Hotel Castel, our guests enjoy the fruits of Gerhard Wieser's personal philosophy, his dedication and his daily quest for perfection.

Gerhard Wieser, the inventive genius

Gerhard Wieser is a passionate chef and a true South Tyrolean. Born in Bruneck in 1968, he was to become South Tyrol's youngest chef de cuisine just 25 years later. Since then he has been refining his art day after day.

To him, the plate reveals the truth, and true, clear flavour is more important than the aesthetic presentation of a dish. To further reveal this essential flavour he continues to experiment and improve his technique. His tremendous inventive talent shows in a multitude of sophisticated cooking techniques, adaptations of current gourmet trends and the use innovative ingredients. Gerhard Wieser never tires of refining his art.

Added value and quality 

Nevertheless he knows exactly how to assess the value of every innovation. Innovation without added value is something Gerhard Wieser strictly rejects. Everything he does must serve the higher purpose of ensuring the most enjoyable dining experience for his guests – in the form of a natural, unpretentious, modern cuisine. Personally Gerhard Wieser believes in a very conscious and healthy way of life. Skiing and hiking are among his favourite pastimes. Therefore his culinary art favours light, salubrious dishes. They satisfy without making you feel stuffed.

The quality of the ingredients he uses are of utmost importance to him. Therefore he selects them personally and painstakingly. Gerhard Wieser knows that eating also means taking responsibility: He uses generous amounts of vegetables and cereals; fish and meat only from trustworthy sources, provided he knows the origin and approves of the way the animals are kept and fed.

From South Tyrol and beyond 

For these reasons Gerhard Wieser purchases many ingredients directly within the region, and frequently even from the farmers themselves who will gladly cater to his wishes. But this does not mean he doesn't look beyond the boundaries of South Tyrol and Italy: Whenever he is unable to get the desired quality locally, he will choose products from elsewhere. His culinary maxim is thus not regionalism but obtaining the best in terms of quality, freshness and genuineness.

The cuisine of South Tyrol – blending the robust, rural fare of this region with the wonderful Mediterranean influences from Italy – is a symbiosis of northern perfection and southern light-heartedness which forms an ideal basis for his very personal version of alpine-Mediterranean cuisine.

A cuisine that knows how to fuse the traditional with the modern in new and unique ways: Light, fresh and simply delicious!