Hotel Castel is a dream hotel offering its guests unmatched comfort and hassle-free luxury. But what brings it alive are the people who work here. It is their unpretentious, natural friendliness and warmth that sets our house apart from other "luxury" hotels, creating a unique atmosphere that is sure to make you feel welcome and at ease.

The sincere passion that characterises these people and the way they work begins with the hosts. With professional backgrounds in other industries, they manage Hotel Castel based on what they, as guests, would expect from a five-star Hotel.

Much like the Dobitsch family themselves, their 45 employees perform their daily work with true passion and commitment. We all have one common goal: We want you to feel at home in the family-like atmosphere at Hotel Castel so you can really settle down, relax and forget about the daily grind for a while.

This page introduces you to some of the people at Hotel Castel.

Evelyn Dobitsch


Born in Essen, Germany, Evelyn Dobitsch lived in Munich for many years before endeavouring to realise her dream of running her own hotel, together with her family. Today she is the head and soul of the 'Castel'. You can sense her joy in what she is doing – taking care of every guest and making sure every detail is arranged perfectly so you will truly feel at home.

Daniel Dobitsch


Daniel is Hotel Castel's junior host. Upon completing his professional education in a primarily technical field, he got curious about his family's hotel business. He has been co-managing the hotel with his mother, Evelyn since 2008. While applying his full commitment and dedication to his work at the hotel and the needs of our guests, he also has a second passion: automobiles and racing.

Maria Dobitsch


Maria has been with Hotel Castel for quite some time. It all began with a placement at the hotel while Maria was still at school. Following her professional training in hotel management she began working as a receptionist at the Castel and has since taken full responsibility of front desk operations. Her love for her work and her ability to care for others make her the perfect hostess. As Daniel's wife and an important member of the family, she embraces this role with enthusiasm.

Gerhard Wieser

Chef de Cuisine

Gerhard Wieser is the master of culinary delights at Hotel Castel. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and whether it is for the classical Castel restaurant or the Trenkerstube gourmet restaurant, no dish will leave the kitchen without his approval. To learn more about our chef and his alpine/Mediterranean culinary philosophy, please click here.

Kristina Ciapaite


A native of Lithuania, Kristina came to South Tyrol in 2002 to accept a position as a chambermaid at Hotel Castel. Thanks to her diligence and her attention to detail in all matters related to cleanliness and orderliness she was promoted to Housekeeper two years later. She makes sure every spot at the Castel is immaculate, checks every room before new guests arrive, and gladly takes care of special requests.

Agnes Eller

Manager, Carpe Diem spa

Agnes Eller has been with Hotel Castel since the Carpe Diem spa was built. She is an enthusiastic leader of the wellness department and its first point of contact for all guests who are longing to relax, recuperate and regenerate. She and her colleagues will gladly meet our guests' individual needs and requests. Agnes wants every guest to leave the Carpe Diem spa with a smile on his or her face.

Simon Oberhofer

Restaurant Manager

Simon began his career as a chef de rang in 2002. Following his successful sommelier's exam and several further training programmes, he earned the title of Maître in 2008. Our guests love his youthful and lively yet polite and professional manner. He puts his heart and soul into his job and always has a sincere smile in his face as he and his team make sure our breakfast and dinner guests are well taken care of.